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The first wireless rechargeable floor lamp
Powerful and nomad
Compact and versatile
Professional quality

Innovative, clever,

No more expensive and time-consuming work, no more extensions to be pulled out…

With Paranocta the light adapts to you and not the other way round, and that makes all the difference!

Quick to install, easy to transport, Paranocta moves where you need it: at home, outside and inside, but also wherever you move.

With Paranocta, you will never be chased away by night again!


30m² of 360° light


WARM white
LED 3000K


4 intensities in manual or remote control mode with the mobile app


8 hours at full power



The most efficient

80% of us do not have the right light to receive, to gather.

Floor lamp or suspension, Paranocta comfortably and warmly illuminates the dinner of 18 guests to share the same light… no more shadows, no more dazzling directional lighting.

30m² of 360° light to live anywhere for 8 hours, Paranocta is the ideal light for convivial evenings !

The most versatile

3 in 1, the Paranocta lamp is highly modular and multi-functional: floor lamp, lantern and compact lamp, to be placed or suspended.

It adapts to all your outdoor activities: dining, playing, reading, sports, glamping…

The removable Bulbee compact lamp is a real wireless bulb. Placed or suspended thanks to its design suspension strap, it also allows you to create your own lights.

The most nomad

Thanks to its storage bag, the Paranocta floor lamp follows you everywhere!

Foldable, it can easily be moved from the terrace to the boot of the car to accompany you on all your outings.

Compact and sturdy, it accompanies all occasions of conviviality at home, from the terrace to the bottom of the garden and beyond: picnics, family reunions, neighbours’ parties, seasonal rentals, second homes…


Our lights can be controlled manually or with a smartphone thanks to the Bulbee Lamp mobile app that can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Play Store. It offers many functions:

  • ON/OFF
  • Dimmer switch
  • Battery level indicator
  • Creation of groups and simultaneous control
  • BOOST function: 500lm
  • PIN code security
  • Location by light call
  • Personalisation
lampe sans fil design connectée Bulbee