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Landscaping, staging

For your projects, are you looking for efficient and aesthetically pleasing wireless fixtures to simplify your customers’ outdoor lights?
No more cables, no more work, the light moves according to their needs.

Our Paranocta floor lamp, Bulbee lamps and their accessories are designed for the outdoors and suitable for balconies, terraces and living gardens.

Nomad, versatile and quick to install

• Efficient: 30m² of comfortable lighting for 8 hours
• Multifunction: floor lamp, lantern and table lamp, hanging lamps
• Aesthetics: purity and timelessness
• Waterproof : IP65


  • Dispenses with the need for costly and time-consuming work
  • Furniture follows (table, living room, barbecue)
  • Increases outdoor living space
  • Suitable for all styles of garden and interiors, rooftops, pool surrounds

8 hours at full power


4 positions in manual mode or remote control with the mobile app



to rain and salty air


After sales service

Powerful and comfortable lighting

Where most wireless outdoor lamps provide too little light or wired electrical installations are too directional and dazzling, Paranocta offer above all a warm, all-encompassing light without compromising on power: 30m² of light to live in for 8 hours so that a table can enjoy the same light.

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Multifunctional, waterproof and clever

3 in 1, the Paranocta lamp is multi-functional: floor lamp, lantern and compact lamp, to be placed or suspended.

Thanks to its modularity, it adapts to outdoor furniture and can be quickly installed wherever it is needed. A table set up at the back of the garden to change the setting, a dinner on the lawn to enjoy a bit of coolness on a hot evening, a festive table so large that it overflows onto the terrace… so many opportunities to explore every corner of the garden and make full use of every outdoor space.

Waterproof, it is also ideal for lighting the pool area.

The removable compact Bulbee lamp becomes a decorative wireless bulb, to lay or to hang thanks to its design hanging strap, it also allows you to create your own lights.

Bulbee, the first wireless outdoor light bulb

The Bulbee cordless bulb, the removable lighting heart of the Paranocta floor lamp, becomes a full-fledged, decorative and even more adaptable luminaire.

Locked in the lantern or used alone, the compact LED Bulbee lamp revolutionizes outdoor lighting. Powerful and comfortable at the same time, suspended, it provides 30m² efficient lighting for 8 hours.

What’s new is that thanks to Bulbee, you can now create your own lights: placed at the bottom of a wicker basket or in an XXL candle jar, it allows you to personalise the atmosphere and decor.