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As both business partners and a married couple, we came up with the idea of Paranocta in the early 2000s. Our experiences in the tourism and landscape sector led us 15 years later to bring it to life.

Fans of celestial, contemplative escapades, we like to picnic in the middle of nature to recharge our batteries and share convivial moments with our loved ones, day and night, even improvised.

Have you, like us, ever had to interrupt a promising evening due to a lack of lighting? Are you one of the 80% of people who have little, bad or even no lighting on their balcony or terrace?

We have created Paranocta for you, for your friends and for the family with which you share precious moments, so that you have the ideal light, the light that brings people together and brings them closer. Because it is complicated to have the right light, a light which is warm and efficient but not blinding, a light which encompasses, we have created the warm and welcoming lamp par excellence.

You don’t have a balcony or patio, make the world your garden with Paranocta.

When you move around for an evening, a long weekend or your holidays, make the most of the outdoors:

Surprise your friends, take them to dine elsewhere and in a different way.

A bright idea

The PARANOCTA is to the night what a PARASOL is to the day.

The PARANOCTA banishes the night thanks to its efficient 360° light in the same way as the parasol provides share during the day.

Innovative, avant-garde
and efficient

We designed and manufactured the wireless Paranocta floor lamp just as we needed it: powerful yet comfortable, light yet sturdy, slim yet foldable. Above all, we wanted it to be reliable and efficient.

This year 2020 marks a turning point in design: the wireless LED lamp becomes the Bulbee bulb and comes out of the lantern. Thanks to brass knurled screw and an attractive strap, it becomes a suspension lamp. We have great ambitions for it!

Outdoor/indoor, floor lamp, lantern, lamp, table lamp, hanging lamp… its modularity makes Paranocta an avant-garde and pragmatic luminaire.